How to Get Anarchy | Destiny 2, 2021

How to Get Anarchy | Destiny 2: Anarchy Destiny 2 is one of the game’s best PVE weapons. Many players persevered in their quest to obtain Anarchy Destiny 2. This article will provide you with detailed information on how to obtain your own weapon. The Scourge Of The Past’s raid exotic is the Anarchy exotic grenade launcher. It’s an exotic grenade launcher with a set of benefits, as with all exotics.

How to Get Anarchy | Destiny 2
How to Get Anarchy | Destiny 2

How to Get Anarchy in Destiny 2

  • Obviously, you must open the final chest to obtain the Anarchy, as it is the only one that does so. They also made the RNG a little more player-friendly a while ago, so your chances of getting this highly efficient weapon increase with each raid completion, reaching 50% after 20 clears.
  • Now, some of you may not be in a clan, lack the financial means to enlist the help of 5 other people to do raids, be intimidated by LFG, or simply lack the time to learn a raid and run it 20 times to obtain this weapon. Don’t be concerned. Bungie stated that all vaulted raid exotics will be available to all players via a system similar to the exotic cipher of the season of arrivals, which will be introduced in the next expansion. ‘Hold your sparrows!’ says the narrator. You could say that. ‘Do you have an exotic cipher? Is that to say I’ll only be able to get one exotic per season?
  • I believe you’ll be able to obtain all raid-specific loot from various quest lines, so you’ll only need to complete 1600 heroic public events to obtain it.
How to Get Anarchy | Destiny 2

Are you Sure to Get Anarchy

Anarchy is one of the best PVE weapons in Destiny 2, which is a sign of how well this weapon complements the game. It’s possible that it’ll drop, which means there’s no guarantee of receiving this exotic grenade launcher.

Those arc bolts can also stick to enemies and cause massive DoT. Allowing you to switch to other weapons and pepper the enemy, as well as bolts to other mines. Siviks, Lost to None, the main antagonist of Season of the Forge, is linked to the weapon. Also, siviks is taken to the Elders’ Prison after a falling out with his brother, the spider, according to the lore page.

Other Details About Anarchy

It drops from the final chest after completing the raid, as it is a raid exotic. So, basically, you have to do the raid and hope that the RNG is on your side. When moving with speed and target acquisition, this weapon creates a good target acquisition.

These are surface-sticking grenades with arc bolts that connect to other mines. Check your movement speed and target while aiming, and if you’re having trouble aiming, increasing your movement speed will help.

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