How to Change text Color in Valorant

How to change text color in Valorant
text color in Valorant

Valorant allows players to enter a colored text that has certain particular roles. In this article, you will know how to change the color text in Valorant. If you want to know how to get colorful texts in Valorant, you have to do this here as your players have used it to aesthetic, and knowing how to use it may give you a top hand in team games.

You may just ensure you open a chat box and then type in your message by adding any text you want in a text part of the code. In the future Riot may add more colours so that players can freely and easily express themselves.

With colorful texts in Valorant, teams can have another perspective and add more contexts to the game, but from now on, everything is speculative and open until Riot has something to say about it. Up to now, Riot has not spoken anything specific, but we hope they will drop additional color commands soon.

How to Change Text Color in Valorant

In order to obtain changed text in Valorant, you must use the special codes below. In order to modify the text color in Valorant:

  • Red: <enemy>Text</>
  • Blue: <team>Text</>
  • Yellow: <system>Text</>
  • Green: <notification>Text</>
  • Pink: <warning>Text</>

Just copy and paste these codes into chat, substitute the text for anything that you would like to write (as long as it’s nice) and you will have your colorful message.

Valorant offers many options to customize the players with their skins, skin upgrades and weapon buddies that enable players to demonstrate their characteristics and achievements throughout the game.

How to change text color in Valorant

However, this latest personification piece is in many niches, as players in Valorant text chat can change font colors.

So you know that how you can change color in Valorant. It’s like changing your text colour. As the game grows, Riot can add more colors, but you have these five colours for now.

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