How to get New Orelia Skin In Fortnite

In this Article We are Here How to get New Orelia Skin In Fortnite. The all-new Orelia Skin was released with four different items included in a bundle in Fortnite’s item shop. In today’s article, we will be knowing that how we can get the Orelia Skin in Fortnite. The brand-new outfit was only recently released. Orelia is an NPC who lives on an island, has excellent aim, and a large amount of health. Prior to the release of the outfit, you could shapes gift into the NPC itself by using Marvel’s Mystique Skin.

How to get New Orelia Skin In Fortnite
Orelia Skin In Fortnite

The brand new Orelia is now available with two different skins. The Orelia Skin has a ‘glow on’ and a ‘glow off’ effect. At first glance, this is an epic (rare) skin that is truly breathtaking. Orelia is part of Midas’ vengeance plot, which was introduced in Chapter 2 of Season 6.

With its ‘glow on‘ effect, you could also catch opponents off guard. Alternatively, it may draw more attention to you. Regardless, the skin is incredible on its own and can be purchased with four other items for an exclusive offer of 2200 V-bucks.

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How to Get Orelia Skin in Fortnite

You can get this skin in Fortnite Shop and it has also set to be launch in Chapter 2 Season 6 which means that this skin is available in Fortnite Shop. It is said that this skin would come in Shop every 30 to 60 Days.

The Skin also comes with a built-in cape and does not allow the use of additional capes. You can, however, change the back bling on her. So, all in all, a fantastic outfit that is well worth the money. You can also purchase the outfit separately for 1500 V-bucks.

Cosmetic Details

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Type: Outfit
  • Availability: Released
  • Categories: Female

Other Attachments with Orelia Skin

The Orelia Bundle includes the Oro Sol back bling, the Tribute’s Flail harvesting tool, Sol’s curse wrap, and a cool-looking new loading screen featuring Orelia. Another epic rarity is the Oro Sol Back Bling. Back Bling up with the quote, “The light of the sun will guide you.” It’s fantastic hologram-style back bling that’s definitely one of a kind.

The Tribute’s Flail is a harvesting tool with a really beautiful contrail that comes with it. If you don’t have it yet, it looks fantastic and is well worth the money. It also looks great with the new outfit. If you buy this without the Orelia Bundle, it is quite expensive (1200 V-bucks).

The Sol’s Curse is another one-of-a-kind wrap. A red sun with golden borders appears on the horizon. The red sun leaves a trail that moves and gives the skin a surprisingly healthy appearance. A rare wrap that costs 500 V-bucks and pairs well with the Orelia bundle.

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