BGMI: Release Date, Size, Maps, and other details ?

Battle Grounds Mobile India:

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date or simply BGMI is simple to derive a version of PUBG which was announced on May 6 by krafton, especially for the Indian Market.

BGMI: Release Date, Size, Maps, and other details?
BGMI: Release Date, Size, Maps, and other details?


After PUBG got ban in India, Krafton launches a new version of the game and named it BGMI which stands for Battle Grounds Mobile India.

BGMI got an overwhelming response even before its launch after Krafton announces its launch in India on MAY 6. The Pre-registration of the game crosses 20 million in just two weeks.” Thanking Indian Fans”, Krafton said on behalf of 20 million pre-registrations in India.


BGMI Release Date?

Battlegrounds Mobile India is expected to launch by the second or third week of June. Here is everything you need to know about PUBG’s India avatar.

From our deep research, we ended with three dates is 10 June, 15 June, and 18 June. The release of the game on 10 June seems impossible because it has confirmed by many PUBG streamers in India. Fans and experts think that the game would be released on 15 June or 18 June.

Like, If you ask us about the launch of the game, we will suggest that it will release on 18 June.

Size of the Game?

Many experts confirm that the size of the game is about 600-700MB. Like famous YouTuber, Technical Guruji confirms in his latest video that the Size of the game is low and ranging between 600-700MB. 

After this update of BGMI went viral many lovers of the game thought that, BGMI will like PUBG Lite, and they gonna miss their favorite Battle Royal.

Don’t think that, because here we clear your doubt, that BGMI will not gonna like as PUBG Lite. This is because like when PUBG Mobile launches in India for the First Time its size is about 600-700MB, almost the same as suggested for the upcoming BGMI. The size of BGMI is reduced in order to avoid glitches and the inefficiency of the game.

Maps in BGMI?

The BGMI most probably comes with only one map due to its size. Experts confirm that the map would be Erangle.

Don’t be so worry, with new Future updates in BGMI, Krafton adds all maps of PUBG Mobile in BGMI.

Minimum Requirements?

The recommended device requirements for BGMI are:

  • Android 5.1.1 or above,
  • and at least 2GB of RAM.

Under Age and Parental Guide Requirements?

Players under 18 in India will need to express consent from parents, or guardians to play the game.

However, if you are under 18 and set your age as 18+ in the game settings, then you don’t need any parent or guardian consent to play the game.