Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 1 Leaks | BGMI Leaks

Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 1 Leaks: Several new leaks about Battlegrounds Mobile India have recently surfaced. And fans are ecstatic about the game’s impending return after an 8-month ban.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 1 Leaks | BGMI Leaks
Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 1 Leaks

Krafton announced the region-specific variant on May 6th, with the pre-registration process beginning on May 18th. If users pre-register for the upcoming title, they will receive exclusive rewards.

As previously stated, numerous leaks concerning Battlegrounds Mobile India have surfaced. Several details have been revealed by an image depicting the definition of Battlegrounds Mobile India’s Google Play Store page.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 1 Leaks

  • Royale Pass Leak

There are numerous questions among the people that if this game would have been starting from Season 19 or Season 20. Or battlegrounds Mobile India would start directly from Season 1. So the answer to this is that it would be starting from Season 1. Also, it will come with completely new emotes, skins, and other things.

  • Currency Leak

As we know that the currency used in PUBG Mobile was UC or Unknown Cash but in BGMI the currency to be used is AG. Hence the Currency for Indian players won’t be UC but AG as seen on the latest leak from Playstore

  • Welcome Skins Leak

As per some sources it is to be said that people who install BGMI would get a golden M416 and Helmet and a welcome gift.

  • Battlegrounds Mobile India Skins leak:

As this version is based on the Indian version of PUBG. Then it would be having several Indian clothes and Skins. These skins would be related to the actual accent of the People of India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 1 Leaks

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  • Price of Battle Royal Pass leaks

This royal pass would be very different from the royal passes we used to receive in PUBG. The price could be 560 AG.

  • Vikendi 2.0

We would be seeing Vikendi 2.0 in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Map through many sources. And some sources also state that the name of the place would be based on the Northern Side of India as it is a snow map. This map would be Battlegrounds Mobile India exclusive.

  • Mine Bomb

As a Battlegrounds Mobile India exclusive this game would be having bomb mines. If the enemy steps on this mine the mine would blast. In order to kill enemy mines would be very useful.

  • Solar Eclipse:

We would be seeing Solar eclipse theme in Battlegrounds Mobile India. This will be available to us when BGMI will launch.

  • Release Date BGMI:

Battlegrounds Mobile India Would launch on 18th of June and soon a confirmation will also be coming from Krafton so stay tuned.

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