Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Not Working? How to Fix

Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not Working: Pokemon Go is one of the world’s most famous and most played games of adventure. Due to its advanced features and adventure sync, it has gained popularity in the various regions of the world by leaps and bounds. You paid for walking and staying fit to Adventure Sync? However, many users have reported that Adventure Sync does not work for different reasons.

pokemon go adventure sync not working
pokemon go adventure sync not working

We saw that Adventure Sync does not work with problems on multiple gaming platforms and social media communities.

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What exactly is Adventure Sync in Pokemon Go

By enabling the Pokemon Go Adventure Sync function, you can not only track your game steps but also earn rewards. It was started in 2018 and is free of charge until the date of its launch. Do you want to get rid of a workable solution or method?

It tracks data on fitness apps such as GPS or your Smartphone, including Google Fit and Apple health. Then you receive credit for the distance you have gone based on the data collected by GPS and the health applications of your smartphone. This even works if your smartphone app isn’t open.

How to Fix Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Not Working

Method 1

  • Open your device with the Pokemon Go game app.
  • Go to Home Menu.
  • Click on Configuration.
  • Sync for Open Adventure.
  • Make sure that you now check or not the Adventure Sync option. If not, check the game and restart it.

Method 2

  • Log Out your Pokemon Go Game App account first.
  • The health app must now also be logged in, be it Android or iOS-based.
  • Sign in and check for Adventure Sync in the Health App and the Pokemon Go Game App respectively.

Method 3

  • Go to the Google Play Store, go to the search bar, and type Pokemon Go.
  • See the app for updates available.
  • If updates exist, go to the update button and wait until the update is finished.
  • Start the game now to check whether or not your Adventure Sync is working.

Either Pokemon Go on an Android device or an iOS device is important. It does not matter.  An update to Adventure Sync that will soon come to light was declared by Niantic in March 2020. This update will add Pokemon Go’s social highlights and improve the route to indoor workouts.

The use of Adventure Sync in Pokemon Go offers numerous benefits. Customers need to open their Pokemon Go application to follow their field and steps before including this element. You can also read an informative article on investing in pokemon cards like Holo Charizard

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