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To complete these two challenges and get Chicken Glide in Fortnite, players must select the ideal drop location. The best POI to complete these two Epic Quests is Colossal Crops. A Boar farm can be found to the south of Colossal Crops, where players can complete the first challenge of taming boars in to get Chicken Glide Fortnite Season 6.

Players who want to complete the “Chicken Glide at Colossal Crops” quest should go there as soon as possible.

How to Get Chicken Glide in Fortnite

  • Colossal Crops is located in the center of the island, just northeast of the Spire.
  • The next step is to find a chicken, and luckily, there’s a spot nearby where chickens always spawn.
  • Players should search the area near the road where the orange autumn-colored grass turns green, using the pond at the western edge of the Colossal Crops as a landmark.
  • The precise location is marked on the map below.
How to Get Chicken Glide in Fortnite
Chicken Glide in Fortnite

The second method is to complete the “Tame Boars” quest. To begin, they can make a Hunter’s Cloak out of one piece of meat and one piece of bone obtained from hunting an animal. It enables players to easily tame any animal on Fortnite Island.

The third method is straightforward, requiring players to distract the animal with a piece of meat. After that, they can approach the animal and tame it.
In Fortnite Season 6, players can Tame Boars using one of two methods.

What to Do Next?

Once a chicken has been discovered, the player must manage to capture the frightened creature. Crouching and sneaking up behind the chicken works best, but running straight at the animal while pressing the interact button can also work. When the button prompt appears, simply press the button before the chicken flees or wanders out of range. When the player character holds the chicken, he or she will glide whenever they jump.

There are other spots on the island where chickens spawn, but the one near Colossal Crops is the most convenient for this quest. However, it may be prudent to look for chickens elsewhere. Many other players may be stalking the Colossal Crops area in order to complete the same quest.

Colossal Crops is already a popular zone, so players should be prepared for a shootout. Clever players can even use their newfound chicken gliding abilities to get closer to a Victory Royale.

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