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Adventure Together to Evolve in Pokemon Go: Evolution was simple when Pokémon GO first launched, but now you’re often told to Adventure together in Pokemon Go to evolve certain species. When evolution requirements were introduced to the game, this tag was added, complicating the mechanic but providing unique ways to improve your favorite characters. What does it mean to “adventure together to evolve” in Pokémon GO, and what do you have to do?

pokemon go adventure together to evolve
Adventure Together to Evolve in Pokemon Go

How to Use ‘Adventure Together to Evolve’ in Pokemon GO

They won’t tell you that you have to “adventure together to evolve,” because you can do that without them. If you have the message, you must complete this step first, or the other requirements will not be counted. Fortunately, making a Pokémon your friend is simple. Simply follow the steps below.

  • Tap your mate in the lower right corner of the map.
  • Download
  • Tap “Buddy Swap
  • Pick the Pokémon that you want to develop
  • Complete and develop Pokémon Pay Candy’s additional task

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The “adventure to evolve” tag is one specific thing – whether it is Spritzee or Galarian Yamask – make it your buddy. There’s more to it, but that’s what the game tells you. It’s a mystery box incense, for example, for Spritzee. But others have their own particular task to do before you can develop it. But some species, like Sliggoo, can only develop in the rain or within an active Rainy Lure Module. Some of these requirements.

Adventure Together to Evolve in Pokemon Go

A few new types of fairies, including Spritzee and Swirlix, are welcome to Pokémon Go’s new Luminous Legends event. The two Pokémon have special conditions for their evolution from the base form, the more, let’s say, uncomfortable of both is Spritzee – the Perfume Pokémon.

And that, my friends, is the answer to the big question of what does it mean in Pokémon GO. To “adventure together to evolve.” All of these evolution requirements will be nothing more. But then a speed bump once you get the hang of it.

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