Why is PUBG Mobile so Glitchy? How to Fix Lag

Why is PUBG Mobile so Glitchy: PUBG Mobile has amassed a sizable market share. Millions of people play the game throughout the world, and it shows no signs of slowing down. It maintains its dominance in the mobile market. Players have remained glued to the game as a result of the regular updates. But still, why is PUBG Mobile so Glitchy? How can we fix this lag? Read below in order to understand everything.

Why is PUBG Mobile so Glitchy

While playing the game, a player may suffer latency. This might be due to a variety of factors such as limited RAM, excessive ping, or even the device heating up.

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How to Reduce Lag in PUBG Mobile

  1. Disable Sync and Auto Updates

On all Android smartphones, there is a sync feature. It synchronizes data to the cloud as well as services such as Gmail, Facebook, and Google. Google Play Store also includes an auto-update option that updates programs as soon as an update is available.

This eliminates a significant amount of accessible data. Disabling these features means that no internet data will be used to provide these services. If the lag was caused by latency, this would alleviate it.

2. Close Background Applications

Players must verify that no other program is operating in the background when playing PUBG Mobile. This lessens the heating problem and battery depletion. It also guarantees that there is more RAM accessible.

Why is PUBG Mobile so Glitchy

3. Clear Phone Cache

The cache is the data that is briefly saved in memory while an application is used. Every program has its own cache, which is used to keep things running smoothly. If the phone does not have enough storage, the cache files slow it down even more. Clearing the cache is a great technique to free up memory.

4. Use the GFX Tool

5. Change Device Resolution Using Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool

6. Disable Battery Saver & Battery Optimization for PUBG

7. Clear Internal Memory Space

8. Enable Overclock Mode

9. Disable Auto-Adjust Graphics

10. Uninstall Unnecessary Applications

11. Install Game Booster For PUBG Lag Optimization

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