Kelsier Mistborn Skin in Fortnite | Updates and Details

The Kelsier Mistborn Skin in Fortnite is a all-new skin in Fortnite which is often based on the Kelsier: Survivor of Hatsin theme.

Fortnite has consistently introduced a number of new products into the game which has received a lot of attention from the world of gaming. We have gathered some important information for these players on the upcoming Fortnite Mistborn crossover.

Kelsier Mistborn Skin in Fortnite
Kelsier Mistborn Skin in Fortnite

Kelsier Mistborn skin released

Players are already inquiring about Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn crossover with Epic Games’ famous Fortnite game. The game’s creators have now included a new Kelsier skin, which also happens to be the first skin in Fortnite’s universe.

The Hemalurgic Spikes Back Bling, Daggers Volcanic Glass Pickax, and a load screen with the Kelsier skin will also be provided for the gamers. You may buy these products from the official shop in Fortnite.

No other information about this new crossover made by the makers of Fortnite is presently accessible. Other characters, on the other hand, maybe feature in Fortnite from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn.

Kelsier Mistborn Skin in Fortnite
The Kelsier Mistborn Skin

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While Fortnite has partnered with a variety of video games, comics, and even sports, the latest tease suggests. The next skin might be inspired by the Kelsier Mistborn fantasy series.

Despite the fact that Fortnite is most known for its battle royale mode. It has hosted a number of collaborations and crossover events throughout the years. Skins, like Fortnite’s recently released Beast Boy outfit, are among them, as are concerts and one-of-a-kind movie material. Fortnite has also worked with businesses to create content outside of the game, such as the ongoing Batman/Fortnite: Battle Royale.

However, Fortnite’s latest collaboration with Kelsier Mistborn may be the game’s first collaboration with a book series.

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