Heartbeat Sensor in COD Mobile | Full Details

Heartbeat Sensor in COD Mobile: In Call of Duty Mobile, there is a range of gear that may be employed for tactics and giving yourself an advantage over your opponents. One of the greatest tactical items in the game is the Heartbeat Sensor. This device can track numerous targets at the same time and alert you to any close adversaries.

Heartbeat Sensor in COD Mobile
Heartbeat Sensor in COD Mobile

With the release of Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 just around the corner, developers have officially disclosed that the Heartbeat Sensor will be included in the game. Because Season 4 is out today, we should expect the Heartbeat Sensor to be included in the game in the coming weeks.

The Heartbeat Sensor initially featured in Call of Duty Warzone and will soon be available in Call of Duty Mobile. There have been several reports and guesses regarding the debut of equipment in the Call of Duty Mobile edition. For a long time, players have been anticipating this feature.

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COD Mobile Official Statement

“Pinpoint nearby enemy locations with the new tactical weapon, Heartbeat Sensor! Obtain through a seasonal challenge when Season 4 launches on 5/26 at 5 PM PT!” – CODM

Heartbeat Censor in COD Mobile
Heartbeat Censor in COD Mobile

The Heartbeat Sensor is one of the greatest tactical items that will display players the position of their foes; you may equip it in the tactical grenade slot.  must manually equip these tactical devices so that you can employ them when necessary. You may obtain this gadget by completing the Season 4 Challenge titled Under Pressure.

Activision introduced numerous new items in the Season 4 update, which will be available on a regular basis through challenges and events.

You may use it to annihilate your opponents in the skies. The gadget is expected to have control capabilities comparable to the MQ-27 Dragonfire. Although the controls are identical, the Hawk X3 has more firepower than the MQ-27 Dragonfire.

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