Granbull Weakness Pokemon Go | Complete Details

Granbull Weakness Pokemon Go: Granbull is a kind of Pokemon that belongs to the Fairy family. Pokemon Go, has attack stats of 212, defense of 131, and endurance of 207, and a maximum CP of 2885. Granbull’s weaknesses are Poison and Steel-type movements, and its moves are improved by Cloudy conditions. It costs 50 Candy to evolve Snubbull into Granbull. Charm and Play Rough are two of Granbull’s best moves.

Granbull Weakness Pokemon Go
Granbull Weakness Pokemon Go

Before moving to Granbull’s weaknesses let’s see their strengths

  • Charm + Play Rough – DPS => 14.88
  • Bite + Play Rough – DPS => 14.53
  • Snarl + Play Rough – DPS => 14.10
  • Charm + Crunch – DPS => 11.64
  • Snarl + Close Combat – DPS => 11.39
  • Charm + Close Combat – DPS => 11.39
  • Charm + Close Combat – DPS => 11.04
  • Bite + Crunch – DPS => 10.98

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Granbull Weakness Pokemon Go

Now let’s See the Base Statistics of Granbull

  • It has base stamina of 207
  • The Category of this Pokemon is Non-Legendary
  • has a base Attack of 212
  • It has a base defense of 131
  • Generation 2 Pokemon
  • It reaches a weight of 48.7kg
  • The base capture rate is 15%
  • CP at Level 15 is 1,094
  • Max CP at Level 20 (hatched) is 1,458
  • CP at Level 30 (in the wild) is 2,187
  • CP at Level 40 is 2,552
  • Max CP with weather boost at Level 25 is 1,823
  • CP with weather boost at Level 35 is 2,370
  • Max HP at Level 40 is 175
  • Stardust cost for Second Charge move is 50000
  • Candy cost for Second Charge move is 50
  • It reaches a height of 1.4m
  • The base flee rate is 8%
  • Required Buddy walk distance is 3 km

Granbull Weakness Pokemon Go

Major Weaknesses of Granbull

  • Poison Type Movements
  • Steel Type Movements

These are the Two Major Weakness of the Granbull Pokemon

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