Without VPN – How to Fix Server Error in PUBG

How To Fix Server Error in PUBG without VPN: As we all know, our favourite game, PUBG Mobile, is banned in India, and as a result, errors like this sometimes appear. So, without using a VPN, how can you patch the server is busy in PUBG Mobile?

Let’s talk about why this message appears on our phone, and then how to resolve it.

Without VPN - How to Fix Server Error in PUBG
Without VPN – How to Fix Server Error in PUBG

What is the Meaning of this Message?

While PUBG was banned in India in September, users were still able to play the game.  As a result, the only way to download was to use a VPN or a third-party website.

However, there is a risk that this notification will appear if a user updates the game using a bogus page. So, now that we understand why this occurs, let’s look at how to patch server is busy in PUBG Mobile.

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Without VPN - How to Fix Server Error in PUBG

How to Fix this Server Busy error in PUBG?

There are two methods for updating the game and logging in without creating any problems. However, the problem usually happens when you try to log in to the game.

  • Method 1 

The first method is to uninstall the game before updating it and playing it without errors. Yes, you read that correctly: the game must be uninstalled. Additionally, after uninstalling the game, download the most recent update from a legitimate website.

  • Method 2 (Not Recommended/Strong Recommend 1st Method)

To update the game, the second method necessitates the use of a VPN. Additionally, download a VPN from the Play Store and use your browser to look for PUBG Mobile.

Even, before installing the new game, make sure the old one is uninstalled. Now, once you’ve completed the download, reinstall it and see if the mistake has been resolved.

If this Problem Still Continues you may Try the last Solution but this may contain a lot of glitches.

After a PUBG mobile server busy ban, the only way to correct the PBG restricted area error is to use a VPN.

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To solve the PUBG server is busy, please try again later, use a safe and non-banned process. I’ve checked it out and haven’t had any problems, including on my primary Pubg Smartphone global account.

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