Tactical Grenades in COD Mobile | Complete Details

Tactical Grenades in COD Mobile: This battle royal fighting game offers a substantial array of ammo and conveniences, one of them being the COD Mobile Tactical Grenades. Professional gamers use tactical grenades frequently, which facilitate warfare. This article is thus followed up with the full descriptions of the Tactical Grenades in COD Mobile.

Tactical Grenades in COD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has already been one of the most popular games in the world and many gamers around the game. In addition, Call of Duty Mobile is renowned for its true visuals and artilleries.

Call of Duty Mobile also displays an entirely true sensation of fighting. Call of Duty Mobile even has two modes that call royal mode and death match mode multiplayer. The royal fight is a 100-player lobby and they fight each other to take the win.

In contrast, the Death match Multiplayer mode displays a 5v5 action on several maps and modes. In addition, Call of Duty Mobile even includes different weapons, artillery, tactical and mortal devices to multiply the game’s problems.


Details About Tactical Grenades in COD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has a range of dangerous explosives and tactical equipment that players may utilize in fighting. As a result, Call of Duty Mobile is now finishing six tactical grenades and will shortly be adding another two. The list of COD mobile tactical grenades is as follows:

#1 Grenada Bomb

The grenade can be used to disorientate the movement of the opponent and slow it during the fighting. Players may confuse adversaries and kill them easily with this. In addition, the Concussion grenade has a rating of 60 and a rating duration of 65.

#2 System of Trophies

The trophy system is one of the tactical parts of COD Mobile that players may utilize to protect themselves against the enemy’s deadly and tactical castings.

#3 EMP 

EMP system is a mechanical unit that may harm and destroy mechanical units and devices in its vicinity. In addition, the EMP has a radius of 60 and a duration of 55.

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#4 Bomb of Cryo

The Cryo Bomb slowed down and blocked the enemy’s movement. Cryo Bomb delivers a flood of freezing air, slowing and defending the enemy’s onslaught. In addition to that, the radius of the Cryo Bomb is 40 and the duration is 60.

#5 Smoke Grenade

The Grenade smoke is one of the most used tactics in practically every royal combat, which generates a smokescreen when the participants expose. One of the most important tactics to help mislead the opponent is a smoke grenade. Players can also utilize it to secretly hide from their attackers and camp. The radius of the smoke grenade is 65 and is 75 for a time.

#6 Flashbang Grenade

Blinding and deafening the opponent as players are detonating the flashbang grenade. Players may easily kill foes because the adversary can’t carry out any activities after detonating the grenade. In addition, the flashbang grenade has a radius of 60 ratings and a length of 65.

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