Rambo Bundle COD | Call of Duty Rambo Bundle Updates

Call of Duty Rambo Bundle: The new online game option is great for people searching for a lot of in-game action reminiscent of the 1980s. According to Activision, players may also purchase the 80s Action Heroes bundle from the in-game store, which can then be used in other Multiplayer modes including Battle Royale mode. The Rambo Bundle in Call of Duty: Mobile Bundle, which includes John Rambo, will be available in-game.

Call of Duty Rambo Bundle

Details of Rambo Bundle 

As part of the Die Hard Call of Duty: Mobile Rambo Bundle, John McClane will also be accessible in-game. The package will include the Epic Character, three Epic Blueprints (two SMGs and one pistol), an Epic Frag Grenade, a Parachute, a Cargo Truck, an Avatar, a Calling Card, and a Frame for your profile. Both of these packages will be available for purchase from in-game merchants until June 18.

Call of Duty Rambo Bundle

Activision will issue an update as well as a special event honoring 1980s action heroes. The event is titled “80s Action Heroes,” and it will feature two of the most well-known movie heroes, John McClane and Rambo. Continue reading for more information about the Rambo Bundle.

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Features Of Rambo Bundle

  • Rambo and John McClane are the operators (Warzone and Cold War)
  • Nakatomi Plaza, Survival Camps, CIA Outpost, Power Grab – Limited-Time Mode, New Killstreak – Combat Bow, Weapon – Ballistic Knife are all new points of interest.
  • Two New Weapons – Baseball Bat and AMP63 Pistol, In-Game Challenge Event for ‘80s Action Heroes, and New Store Bundle.

  • Limited-Time Multiplayer Game Mode: Gums Blazing, Die Hard, and Rambo Store Bundles.
  • Tweet New Multiplayer Maps: Standoff (6v6), Duga (Multi-team), New Game Modes.
  • The Hard Point, Rambo’s Gun Game, Multi-Team Eliminations, Cranked 2: No Time to Crank.
  • Limited Time Mode, New Custom Mod Support, Mystery box arms, and Weapons Buffs.
  • Two different Mac Maps: Standoff (6v6), Duga(Multiseam), New Game Modes and Medals, The Hardpoint.

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