Fortnite Patch Notes 16.50 | Official Updates

The Fortnite Patch Notes 16.50 is finally here, with some fun new material and a new chapter in the storyline. Today’s patch prepares the game for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, which seems to be a continuation of Fortnite Season 6.

Fortnite Patch Notes 16.50

Epic Games hasn’t released patch notes for Fortnite in a long time, making it difficult for players to keep up with the game’s updates. Here are the patch notes for Fortnite update 16.50 to make it simpler for them.

New Bundles

Orelia’s skin has finally been added to the game. A pickaxe, a wrap, and a loading screen are included with her. After today’s update, the Laoch package will be available in the game, while the Luncha bundle will make a surprise return to Fortnite.

The Caped Crusader Pack has also been revamped, according to data miner iFireMonkey, which will be available in the game at a later date.

Fortnite Patch Notes 16.50

New Cosmetics and Clothes

  • Following today’s Fortnite launch, the item shop is getting a makeover. When the downtime is over, new skins and cosmetics will be available.
  • The Tsuki shell, on the other hand, now has a human-style and is no longer torn. A special FNCS skin, as well as a few other, emotes, are among the latest cosmetics.
  • Bella Poarch seems to be getting her own emotes in the game, which would most likely be linked to her latest album.

New Quests

  • Players can now earn 400 XP for defeating Orelia in-game following today’s Fortnite update.
  • Epic has stayed true to its current NBA theme by releasing a few quests tied to the latest NBA-style games that will be added to the creative mode.
  • These missions, dubbed the Hardwood trials, will most likely go live after the Fortnite downtime is over.

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New Weapons

Epic announced the unvaulting of an old firearm in a tweet on the Fortnite Status list. However, it appears that two weapons have made it into the game.

Given their track record, the publisher will decide not to enable these weapons in-game. just yet, instead opting to do so later.

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