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10 Reason Why Fortnite is bad: Fortnite’s awful for lots of reasons. They’re inexhaustible, I wouldn’t mention them all. I can, however, take into account the main reasons shared by most players. Although it’s the most common among children and adolescents, it isn’t a good game.

10 Reason Why Fortnite is bad

See Why 10 Reason Why Fortnite is bad

1.Overrated Game

Fortnite is being played by about 1.6% of the earth’s population.  Any famous people have come here and there to proclaim they are playing Fortnite. Drake was speculated to play the game. That’s why it was a squad game. These celebrities began even to play the game by the people who are their half-gods. That’s why the figures have jumped, and in 2018 it was one of the most famous titles.  People are stupid enough to idolize famous people and imitate everything they do.

2. No Originality

You must be aware that Fortnite has borrowed(Copied) the gameplay of Battlegrounds (PUBG) from PlayerUnknown. In the 23rd match 2017, the PUBG was launched, and on the 21st July 2017 Fortnite. If you compare the 2 you will learn the similarity between game mode and gameplay. Actually, PUBG was brought to justice for the claim that the proprietary property of Fortnite was copied. PUBG says that Epic Games (Fortnite developers) has copied its key pieces, weapons, map features. When Fortnite was created, epic games had little originality at all. Here and there, they changed several elements to avoid a legal proceeding.

3. Boring Game

The mechanics of the game and certain other games are the same as those in Minecraft. Indeed, Fortnite looks like mod-like Minecraft. Check out other royal fighting games, and find out that they are much stronger than Fortnite. Otherwise, in the game world, there are far better video games than Fortnite. It’s got a spawn-die and spawn-die in the next kind of gameplay.

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4. Addictive

Particularly for children, it is highly addictive. One of the reasons why Fortnite is popular with children is that it is totally free. It changes young children’s mental perspectives and copies the violent actions depicted. This has resulted in some parents banishing their kids from playing the game entirely.

5. You need to Pay

The only free mode for Fortnite is Battle Royale. You will have to pay v-bucks for this in the currency of the title if you want to change the player character. Often available at a premium are cosmetic skins. Fortnite sucks and focuses solely on the earnings of microtransactions.

6. Inappropriate

One of the reasons why many schools and parents banned Fortnite is because it contains inappropriate content. There’s a new craze in town for those who stream Fortnite on Youtube called Strip Fortnite. Desperate Fortnite Youtubers have actually engaged in this craze. It is even getting out of hand as teenagers desperate for extra views and likes on Youtube begin playing Strip Fortnite.

7. Repetitive

The game is entirely repeated and dependent on RNG. You will find That’s why children want to play it, I suppose. In this respect, I wonder why an adult would waste his time on this game in his right mind. Unknown and totally satirical is the buzz behind it.

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8. Poor Graphics and Unrealastic Graphics

Chart-savvy In comparison to mainstream play, Fortnite is a joke. The cartoons have surreal and lame faces. This game is about killing, but I wonder how the game contains null blood. Instead of blood, I consider the decision to use hit markers very stupid.

9. No Skills Required 

No talent is essential, you’re just spamming and good to go. Furthermore, it is not difficult to make it a noobs game. That means the only distinction will be the number of players if you have been playing for months, and another player plays for few hours. Otherwise, such a major gap does not exist.

10. TPP Game (Third Person)

It is one of the most lagging games in history and uses the shooter of a third party. The first-person camera used and this PUBG ripoff game should have improved. It also has plenty of bugs and flaws, especially for players who play it for hours. The game’s construction mechanic is so important. There are senseless designs in the building, and the constructor appears quite unclear. This is the 10 Reason Why Fortnite is bad.

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