Great League Tier List in Pokemon Go | Latest Updates and Details

Great League Tier List in Pokemon Go: The final weeks of Pokemon GO’s GO Battle League Season 7 will make or break the rewards that competitors get in the end.

Great League Tier List in Pokemon Go
Great League Tier List in Pokemon Go

What is Great League Tier List in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon GO’s Great Battle League has developed its own, related meta, along with the other stages of player-vs-player fighting mode. The top competitors and their team alignments have been relatively consistent since the season started in April. In the last two weeks they are unlikely to change much. However, in the Great League, is there a definite “best” team?

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Great League Tier List in Pokemon Go

Tier List Advantages

  • Restricted formats (most famously Silph League tournaments) will drastically alter a Pokémon’s viability.
  • The new Go Battle League pre-season has an open structure, but Niantic has hinted that upcoming seasons will have team formation constraints. Keep in mind that this could change the metagame (and, as a result, Pokemon rankings) in the future.

Great League, with a 1500 CP limit, forces Pokemon GO trainers to think strategically about which Pokemon will be in their roster. When deciding on the best team for the task, stats, moves, and form matchups all come into play. Certain Pokemon excel at specific positions in the squad as well. Implying that team placement is also critical to a team’s chances of winning and eventually going on a roll.

How Tier List Works?

While they could have opposing viewpoints or team lineups to the aforementioned team, the Pokemon that comprise the team are frequently consensus choices for some of Great League’s greatest.

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PvPoke found XL Bastiodon to be the best attacker before the arrival of Jellicent this year. Thanks to its tanky disposition and potential as a hard counter to some of Great League’s most famous choices, Azumarill is regarded as a Top 3 overall scorer. Tropius is an outlier on the list and may theoretically be replaced by Skarmory. Tropius also has access to Razor Leaf.

There are other top teams that use various Pokemon and moves. In Pokemon GO’s Battle League, trainer ability will always shine.

PvPoke and, two Pokemon GO community pages, have analytical indicators to support the ranks of the best Pokemon teams. It is based on overall stats, moves, and success against the competition. broadens these Pokemon-specific statistics and estimates expected win rates (out of five) depending on which Pokemon make up the squad.

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