Top 3 Best Closed Back Headphones for Gaming

Best Closed Back Headphones For Gaming
Best Closed Back Headphones For Gaming

Do You Know Best Closed Back Headphones for Gaming? Gaming Systems are unique in the way that they require a lot of components and peripheries to perform high standards in gaming.

One such component is the Headphones.  There are several types of Headphones in the market, like Closed-Back, Open-Back, On-Ear, Over-Ear, In-Ear, Earbuds, Bluetooth Headphones, Noise Cancellation Headphones, etc.

Here we will discuss the top 3 best Closed Back Headphones for Gaming. But first, we have knowledge of exactly what is Closed-back headphone. So, ”Closed-Back headphones” are headphones that are completely sealed around the back, only allowing sound out where it can reach your ear. This means that while your music is as natural-sounding as it would on an open-backed set of headphones, Best Closed Back Headphones for Gaming will block out a lot more outside noise.

”Closed-Back Headphones” is great for music production, primarily because they fully enclose the ear with a hard plastic shell, padded on the inside for comfort. The padding creates an almost airtight seal against the side of your head, preventing unwanted noise from seeping in or out.

Here we reveal our pick of the best closed-back headphones for music makers, gamers, from the pocket-friendly right up to the more wallet-busting, high-end alternatives.

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Best Closed Back Headphones For Gaming

1.Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Best Closed Back Headphones For Gaming
Best Closed Back Headphones For Gaming


frequency response:15Hz-28KHz

driver type: large aperture w/rare earth magnets,45mm

Impedance: 38 ohm

Connection: wired, interchangeable

Cable lengths:1.2m,3m(straight),1.2m-3m(coiled)

weight: 259grams


  • Detachable Cable-so can be replaced when needed, increasing the longevity of the headphones
  • Good quality audio(fairly balanced)
  • Over-ear design-larger listening sessions
  • Closed Back Design-so not much sound leak unless at very high volumes
  • Solid build quality


  • A bit pricey
  • Bit tight fit on your head-replacing the ear pods can alleviate this
  • Few color options available
  • These are large headphones-so aren’t for everyone. They do take up a fair amount of room in your bag.

In terms of sound quality, while it’s not 100% perfect- there’s a slight low-end lift and the merest lack of detail up top-these cans deliver a tastefully optimized listening experience that translates easily to the systems, placing them among the best Closed Back Headphones for Gaming and music-making you can get. The ‘X’ in the model designation denotes the fact that the cable is detachable, which means you can use whichever of the three supplied cables best suits your needs.

2.Focal Listen, Professional,

''Closed Back Headphones
”Closed Back Headphones

price: $299

frequency: 5Hz-22KHz

harmonic distortion: 0.3%

driver type:mylar,40mm

impedance: 32ohm

connection: wired

cable length: 1.4metre(straight with inline remote and mic),5m(coiled)

weight: 280grams


  • Sturdy and comfortable fit
  • Solid sound reproduction at low volumes.


  • Silicon cushion on the headband, though comfortable, will attract sweat

Better known for its studio monitors, focal has transplanted its talent for high-quality audio from in front of your face to the sides of your head with remarkable aplomb. Ideal mid-range solutions for both general day-to-day listening and pro studio tasks, the focal listen professionals are the very definition of great all-rounders. It has a beautiful hard-shell case, and a choice between a 5m coiled cable and a 1.4m straight cable with inline remote and volume control, and we don’t think you’ll find a better pair of all-around headphones out there at this price point.

3.Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 

Best Closed Back Headphones for Gaming
Best Closed Back Headphones for Gaming

Price: $150

frequency: 5Hz-35KHz

driver type: dynamic

impedance: 32/80/250ohm

Connection: wired/fixed

Cable length: 32ohm-1.6m(straight),80ohm-3m(straight),250ohm-3m(coiled)

Weight: 270 grams


  • Well padded
  • comes with a carrying case
  • stability
  • Good noise isolation performance


  • Poor sound stage
  • leaky at higher volumes
  • Below-average headphones for sports
  • sub-bass is lacking.

Beyerdynamic has been making amazing headphones for years and has even gained a reputation as one of the world’s most trusted audio brands these days. The Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro has the tendency to bewilder buyers. These models are both equipped with stunning features to make your experience a lot of fun and exciting. Some of the highlights of these headphones shown upward.

So, these are the most trusted and liked Best Closed Back Headphones for Gaming so far.

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