Pokemon Go Team Rocket Leader | All Details

Pokemon Go Team Rocket Leader
Pokemon Go Team Rocket Leader

Pokemon go Team Rocket Leader:  If you wish to meet Giovanni in Team Rocket quests, you must overcome his three Team to Go Rocket leaders and win the Pokemon Go title.

To do so, you must acquire Mysterious Components from Grunts, build a Rocket Radar, and then use it to detect a Rocket Leader. Because the Leader you are given is chosen at random, if you are looking for a certain one, keep checking until the one you require shows.

Pokemon Go Team Rocket Leader
Pokemon Go Team Rocket Leader
  • Because you’ll be relying on types to counter, it’s best to go in with a well-prepared squad with strong counters.
  • Because a Leader’s line-up is unique for each encounter – it’s made up of a small number of creatures – you can’t be sure which Pokémon you’ll be up against. You may have to face them once to understand their lineup, then adjust yours to respond to it.
  • The good thing is that you can fight a Leader as many times as you like, so have fun!
  • For your initial two Charge actions, Leaders will always utilize their two shields. This implies that your lead Pokémon should be able to survive long enough to deliver two Charged attacks as quickly as possible, allowing you to adequately do damage. Melmetal, for instance, is an excellent choice.

Victory ultimately hinges on your ability to assemble a team that exploits as many of Team Rocket Go Leader’s vulnerabilities as possible, therefore possessing a large roster of Pokémon will aid you in forming adaptable teams.

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Pokemon Go Team Rocket Leader
Pokemon Go Team Rocket Leader


  1. Aerodactyl
  2. Gallade/Cradily/Slowking
  3. Tyranitar/Mamoswine/Dusknoir

No. 1Aerodactyl counters

Cliff’s current initial release, Aerodactyl, is a Rock/Flying hybrid. Because they don’t share any type of weaknesses, this is a difficult Pokemon to defeat in battle. Your best chance is to see whatever Pokemon Cliff has for his second and third turns in your battle and then choose the best Aerodactyl counter based on who will do the best against his other selections as well.

No. 2 – Gallade/Cradily/Slowking Counters

Gallade, a Psychic/Fighting-type Pokemon, is the first option for the second Pokemon Cliff might send at you. Gallade is vulnerable to Fighting, Fairy, and Ghost-type techniques, while Fighting-types are intrinsically vulnerable to Gallade’s attacks as well. You should also be cautious if the enemy Gallade learns Charm, as it is a strong move that can swiftly end the battle.

No. 3 – Tyranitar/Mamoswine/Dusknoir Counters

Cliff can also select one of three Pokemon as his last option. Tyranitar, reputedly one of the game’s toughest Pokemon, is up first. Fighting-types are unquestionably the strongest option here, as they inflict 4x damage to Tyranitar.

 The most effective Pokemon Go strategy Cliff counts vary anytime Squad Rocket’s commander switches up his Pokemon team, so don’t count on your same lineup to knock him down again. Cliff is perhaps the most difficult Team Rocket boss in Pokemon Go (apart from Giovanni, of course), so whether you’re facing him for the first time or the nth time, you’re in for a challenge.

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