Free Fire: Best 5 Free fire New Characters with abilities 2021

Best 5 Free fire new Characters
Best 5 Free fire Characters with abilities

Free Fire is one of the best games on the battleground and here be bring Best Free fire new Characters with abilities. After the PUBG Mobile ban in India Free fire downloading increases 47%. The free fire developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena. Its SINGAPORE baize company.

Free fire process special Characters for players to help them overcome their opponents on the battleground. Their abilities are divide into two classifications Active and Passive. This article be is about discussing the Free fire new Characters with their abilities.

Best 5 Free fire New Characters with abilities


Abilities: Jota you can purchase 499 diamonds. His abilities are Sustained Raids. Jota is instant restore 25% HP Every kill with shotgun and SMG. It is increasing every level up to 10%. At the high level, Sustained Raids recover 45% HP every kill with Shotgun and SMG.

In a Game Disclaimer:- Jota ( Sustained Raids) is a parkour expert and Stuntman

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Abilities: Shirou’s abilities are Damage Delivered. At the base level, when any player hits the 50 radius the attacker mark up to 3 seconds ( visible to the player). The first shot of the enemy hits 10% extra damage in his armour. Damage delivered cooldown period is 60 seconds.

At the high level, it is increasing. attacker mark up to 8 seconds. The 1st shot or opponent warmer Damage is 100%. Damage Delivered Cooldown period is 10 Seconds.

In a Game Disclaimer:- Shirou is the fasted delivery guy around.


Abilities: Jai is inspire by Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan. his abilities are Raging  Reload. At the base level, he automatically reloads the gun by Magazine 30% after every Knock. This is restricte to AR, Pistols, SMG, and shotgun. At the high level, this ability is 45% Magazine every knock.

In a Game Disclaimer:- Jai is decorate, swat commander.

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4. Dasha

Abilities: Dasha is a girl character. This ability is Parting on. They are reducing the damage and recovery time very falls 30% and 60%. They are 6% reducing less recoil in maximum recoil.

At the high level, they are reducing damage by 50% and 80%. Recovery also the same. they are reducing Lessrecoil by 10% in maximum recoil. free fire New characters

In a Game Disclaimer:– Dasha is a prankster and rebel.

5. Moco

Abilities: Moco abilities are hacker’s eyes. at the base level. Will tag enemies that are shot for two seconds. at the high-level enemies tag that is shot for 5 seconds.

In a Game Disclaimer:– Moco is an outstanding Hacker girl.

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