Free Fire Mystery Shop Event | All Details Are Here 2021

Free Fire Mystery Shop Event
Free Fire Mystery Shop Event

Free Fire Mystery Shop event in Free fire is finally live and the Date period of this event is between 13th May to 19th May. If you don’t know how to claim the Mystery Shop and other items in Free Fire then continue reading this article.

Free Fire Mystery Shop event is an event where a lot of players get a chance to participate and win various items and also they can purchase items if they want. In this event, there are various mythic items, clothes, skins, car skins, treasure boxes, and many more other such items which you can get by playing. There is also a second option that you can also purchase these items.

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Free Fire Mystery Shop Event
Free Fire Mystery Shop Event

Free Fire Mystery Shop Event

Here are some Quick Updates about the event !!!!

There are two different Prize Pools in this event, the Break One Deputy Bundles and the Break One Sheriff Bundles are the prizes of this event.

How to Participate in this event?

In order to start with this event, you will need to spin a wheel where you can see and check how much discount you will be getting. Depending on this discount coupon you will be getting the rewards further.

Now, there are 2 rules of Mystery Shop that you need to consider.

  1. The grand prize will be unlocked only if Grand Prize unlock bar is full.
  2. Purchasing other normal items will be advancing the Grand Prize unlock progress.

So you need to follow these steps if you want to win the grand prize. Below down are some steps which are necessary in order to Unlock the Grand Prize and participate in the Mystery Shop event in Free Fire.

Free Fire Mystery Shop Event

Step 1 –  Open Free Fire on your Device and Go to the right side and click on the Calendar icon.

Step 2 – Now in the News tab you will be able to see that there is a Mystery Shop Option.

Step 3 – You will Notice the “GO TO” Button there and once you click it you will be entering the mystery shop event. Now you can play the mystery shop event and win rewards.

Free Fire brings up such events every season in order to keep their players fascinating and make the game enjoyable. This event will last longing up to only the 19th of May so hurry up and participate in this event in order to win various prizes. The Free Fire Garena team is also planning to launch a similar event next month which will be rewarding the players with various skins and other emotes for free.

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