Fortnite Safe Locations | Safe Locations in Fortnite Season 6

Safe Locations in Fortnite Season 6
Safe Locations in Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite Season 6 week 6 comes with a new batch of challenges and the player has the challenge to find Safe Locations in Fortnite Season 6. This Time epic wants you to open three safes hidden around the Fortnite map. This new week 6 challenge ”Open Safes(3)”, proving to be more difficult than the players thought. Unless you’ve been an eagled-eyed player, you’ve probably missed where these safes are located.

Where to Find Safe Locations in Fortnite Season 6

As we know that the safes in Fortnite do not have a 100% spawn rate. This means even though a player might be searched the right area, it will not necessarily spawn there in that particular game. It may take an annoying number of tries to complete the task.

All the safes you’ll need can be found in Pleasant Park. Four Possible locations will spawn a safe inside a house. They’re not that big and are usually tucked away in a corner, so keep a sharp eye out.

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1.Sweaty Sounds:

Safe Locations in Fortnite Season 6
Sweaty Sands

Sweaty Sounds is probably the best location to complete this challenge, as there is a total of seven saves in the POI. Players should be able to find one on the larger building with red umbrellas and the smaller building with red umbrellas right next to it.

There will also be one in the small trailer park in a blue trailer, as well as one next to the trailer park by the small beach house. Two more can be found on the west and seat side of the parking lot at the sweaty sands, while the last one could be on the dock, inside SoFDeeZ. This is a Safe Locations in Fortnite Season 6

2.Craggy Cliffs:

Craggy Cliffs has a total of five safes. Craggy Cliffs making safes less confusing to find, because safes can all be found on the west side of POI. One is the Sticks Restaurant, while players can find one safe in each of the four smaller buildings to the right of sticks Restaurant. This is also Safe Locations in Fortnite Season 6

3.Dirty Docks:

Players can find safes easily in the main warehouse, they also obtain the next three on the left side of the map, where there should be one chest per building closest to the sand.

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