Karakin Oasis Event ! PUBG Mobile New Parachute Skin Free 2021

Karakin Oasis Event
Karakin Oasis Event in PUBG Mobile

Recently PUBG Mobile Lunch new Event Karakin Oasis Event, PUBG Developer Krafton had announced in November 2020 that it would soon launch an India-centric version of the popular mobile game. Since then, millions of fans of the game had been waiting for the relaunch of the PUBG Mobile in India. Since the ban on PUBG by the Indian Government, many players managed to access PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile launches a new event named ”KARAKIN OASIS”.In this event, PUBG Mobile is giving many permanent and temporary rewards, which include a Permanent Parachute Skin.

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Karakin Oasis Event In PUBG Mobile

In the Karakin Oasis event, you have to construct your own Oasis, by using blueprints of green, yellow and purple colors. In the Karakin Oasis event, you have to complete some daily missions like daily login, surviving up to getting yourself up to in top 10, kill enemies, etc. After completing these missions you get Blueprints which you can use in the construction of your Oasis.

Karakin Oasis Even
Karakin Oasis Even

OASIS: Oasis is an area in the desert where water and greenery exist.

The construction of Oasis will help you in increasing your level, When you will reach at Maximum level ie. Level 30 you will get free Permanent Parachute Skin. This Permanent Parachute skin is not only a single reward in Karakin Oasis Event, but you will also get many other rewards like Helmet Skin, Temporary Bag Skin, etc.

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