Fortnite Eco Skin Now Available in item Shop ! Latest Update 2021

Fortnite Eco Skin Now Available in Shop
Fortnite Eco Skin Now Available in Shop

Fortnite Eco Skin is once again available, which comes to celebrate the eve of Earth’s Day. This Skin is now available in the item shop from Today.

Eco Skin has a price of 1500 v-bucks. This outfit may soon disappear from the item shop, If you want this item then you should quickly buy it.

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Fortnite Eco Skin Now Available in Shop

Fortnite Eco Skin comes with a design of Fortnite’s map on the Torso of the Eco outfit. In addition to this bucket of the belt has a design of a Tomato Head. This outfit comes with other equipment like, it has a harvesting tool with pink color on the sword. The design in itself is very amazing. The back bling of the outfit is a globe that hovers behind you and features all the locations from the main skin crammed together, and it features some cool in-game effects. The volcano erupts whenever you get a kill, a feature that I’ll literally never get to see.

Fortnite Eco Skin Now
Fortnite Eco Skin Now available in shop

As the sword in this tool pierces through the beast’s skull. There is a 3D miniature of a burger shop on his right wrist. If you want to try this outfit, then you should buy it. Fans will recognize the clock face from Tilted Towers on the right shoulder, with the impressive-looking volcano on the left side. It’s not just a flat texture either-the skin features raised topography for many of its details including trees and buildings.

Fortnite Eco Skin is inspired by the Terra Firma Set. This outfit comes with the idea of ‘The Geologists’One can get this outfit and the other tools from the item shop. As stated earlier Fortnite Eco Skin has cost around 1500v-bucks. Also, players can buy the harvesting tool by spending 800 v-bucks.

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