Best Trick of Getting a free Rename Card from PUBG 2022

free Rename Card from PUBG
free Rename Card from PUBG

Best Trick of Getting a free Rename Card from PUBG, At PUBG Mobile getting a free reboot card is now possible without spending any money. If you want to change your in-game name, but don’t have UC / money, don’t worry. We have a deception from PUBG itself so everyone can get a free Rename card.

PUBG Mobile is making great progress and is receiving positive feedback from the audience.
Players can get a free re-card by completing a specific equipment list at the brand new Let’s Hoop: Shooting Contest

In PUBG Mobile, players can change their names if they have a reboot card in their list. They often make changes in their name to make it look better.

However, players find it difficult to get a renaming card without buying UC and spending their money.

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PUBG Mobile: Trick of getting a free Rename Card from PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile often comes up with new events and sacrifices to keep players happy and interested. Earlier today, PUBG Mobile announced a new themed event called Let’s Hoop: Shooting competition.

In this event, there will be various challenges or trips that players have to complete every day. Players will receive basketball as a reward for all the machines they perform in the Let’s Hoop: Shooting competition.

Players will unleash certain rewards for a basket collected in classic mode by completing a specific mission. Rename card is available to redeem among other redemption in the Let’s Hoop: Shooting contest.

Players who need a renaming card and cannot purchase it can redeem the renaming card for the event by completing the mission.

Players need to collect only 35 baskets by completing a free reins card redemption journey.

free Rename Card from PUBG
free Rename Card from PUBG

There will be a total of six basketball available to collect by completing the daily mission. After collecting 35 baskets, players can issue a free renaming card to Let’s Hoop: Shooting Rewards.

Let’s Hoop: The shooting event is live from April 2, that is, today, and will run until April 12th.

So, be sure to use your rename card for the current event before the event goes online.

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