PUBG Mobile Reveals Karakin Map Release Date 2021

PUBG Mobile reveals Karakin Map release date. Earlier this month, 1.3 updates come out including the Hundred Rhythms game mode, new Sniper Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle, and Glider. PUBG Mobile developer recently posted on social media they are revealing the release date of the Upcoming Map Karakin map. In this article, we are revealing the Upcoming map KARAKIN MAP Release date and other details.

PUBG Mobile reveals Karakin Map release date
PUBG Mobile reveals Karakin Map release date

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PUBG Mobile reveals Karakin Map release date

The player can check out the announcement video

As stated in the post the Karatin map is available for a player on 7th April and would replace the Vikendi map.

The official patch notes of the PUBG 1.3 Beta version Karatin map.

  1. Karatin map is 2 square kilometers and dry, filled with rock.
  2. it is a small map with a maximum of player 64 in each match.
  3. Players experience long-range battles under the mountain, city,,, and any other locations on the Karakin map.
  4. In Karakin map designed to cause random damage to buildings so that players come out of the building and battle with the enemy.
  5. Karakin map is already a part of PUBG PC Since February 2020.

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PUBG Mobile corporation is looking for a strategy analyst and investment for its Bengaluru office. The company has a job listing on LinkedIn post for investment, acquisitions, and is showing that work is being done in setting up and growing an office in our country.

The job posted by PUBG Mobile corporation on Linkedin are around midnight  18th March. The company is searching an investment to work at the Bengaluru office.

The candidate has three-year experience in consulting and deep knowledge of sector and entertainment. This is not the first time there has been a job opening at PUBG Mobile as back in October 2020, the company looking  for a PUBG Mobile development division manager in India

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