How To Turn Off Optimization in REDMI Note Device?


MIUI:- There is an option in developer mode, What is the use of this option, and if we are enabling this option you cant to install the app by USB, and if you disable this option device performance is increase?

In this article, we are read about Miui Optimization about Redmi device

What is MIUI Optimization?
MIUI Optimization is the option of developer mode it helps load the application and app data in parallel reducing time and give you a wonderful experience.

In this feature, some non-MIUI based apps such a  google app and apps in the play store not support. Users have recommended disabling the feature if you reply on the google play store app and service use global stable and global MIUI ROMs.

If you enable MIUI Optimization some user-facing Issue
  • You cannot launch third-party launchers eg. Nova, google, and apex launcher.
  • You cannot apply other wallpaper in the launcher.
  • Custom apps set the default to restore to default MIUI app reboot.
  • Background app cannot sync data.
  • Music player store after some time play.
  • You cannot set accessibility service.

some other bug you facing after enabling MIUI Optimization like wap browser hag issue some site cannot open, some time google play service not working properly.

If you disable MIUI Optimization 
  • All the Above issues solve after Disable MIUI Optimiztion.
  • In Setting → Data usage → Graph Change to AOSP Style.
  • In Settings → Battery & Performance → Battery Use → Graph changes to AOSP style.
  • In Settings → Installed Apps → All → Documents → It will not be disabled after every reboot.
  • In Settings, → Additional Settings → Buttons → Settings may get reset.
  • No OTA update notifications. Enable and you receive the OTA updates
How To Enable/disable MIUI Optimization

MIUI Optimization is enabled in developer mode I give you some simple process to enable /disable MIUI
  • Go To device Setting Settings > System > About Phone > Build Number > Tap 7 Time
  • Now go to the additional setting You to see Developer Mode.
  • Open Developer Mode scroll down.
  • You Got ” Turn On MIUI Optimization
  • Disable and enable MIUI Optimization 

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