PUBG Mobile Season 18 Leaked Reward are Here ! skin outfit


Guys in this article we will reveal the Season 18 Upcoming Tire Reward, skin outfit, and all other items. it is 2 weeks since Closed PUBG Mobile Season 17 and released for season 18.
The upcoming PUBG Mobile Season 18 tire has many rewards for all players. Season 18 will come in 19-22 march with many other features like New map skin etc.

In this article we will discuss All reward is come in PUBG MOBILE SEASON 18 and some other leaks about Season 18.

PUBG Mobile Season 18 Free rewards

We will discuss first all the free rewards it will come in Season 18. In season 18 tire reward is on theme base with multicolor. 

Tier Reward:- PUBG Mobile has a reward event for players, when they complete a stage or moved to a now tiers. In every tier you will get a free rewards with a epic skin like Mask skin, epic dresses for character and Parachute skin many more. So, below is the full list on it, checkout the list of rewards which you will get in season 18 of PUBG Mobile for free.

Gold Tier Awards:-

In the gold tier, you got this type of mask in the gold tier. A simple-looking Season 18 outfit with a touch of black and purple color. it is base on a theme with multi color .it is available in gold tier with finish in top 10 5 times in gold tire and above the tire.

Platinum Tier Awards:-

 if you see in platinum tier you got this type of good-looking outfit with a black gray and purple outfit. it is available in a Platinum tire with Play 5 match in a platinum is base on a theme with multicolor

Diamond Tier Awards:-

In gold Tire, you got DP skin with a fantastic look. it has a color combination of wine and blue color it is available in a Diamond tire with play 5 match in the diamond tire it is also base on the tired theme.

Ace Tire Awards:-

In ace tire, you got Season 18 theme base parachute ” Season 17 Ace Parachute”. it has a color combination of yellow wine blue, and many multi-color parachutes. it is available in the ace tire after play 5 match in the ace tire.

Conqueror Tire Awards:-

Conqueror is a high tire in Pubg Mobile. This is season 18 Conqueror tire reward ” Season 18 Conqueror Frame” it Is available in Conquerer tire after Play 5 Match in Conquerer tire.

This is PUBG Mobile Season 18 Tire Reward leaks. If you have any leaks about season 18.
let us know in the Comment below!

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