PUBG Mobile Season 17 Week 6 RP Mission challenge reveled

 Guys this article we revel Season 17 upcoming week 6 RP Mission on PUBG Mobile. In RP Mission airdrop, multiple vehicles kill and one is the longest road trip with your friend in Week 6. Even though these items do not influence  the gameplay and quite a big drew for the player as permission

In Week 6 many mission is in Miramar, Erangel, Livik maps with many skin Shortgan, AR And many guns. This article is Provides the player with over roll of the PUBG Mobile Season 17 week 6 RP mission.

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PUBG Mobile Season 17 Week Mission list With Details

Free Mission:-

  • Friend squad:- Travel a total of 30,000 meters while driving a vehicle in a classic match
  • Choice Mission:-

Kill 6 Enemy with Shotgun In Livik map Clissic Mode.

Kill 6 Enemy with Shotgun In Miramar map Classic Mode.

Kill 6 Enemy with Shotgun In Erangel map Classic Mode.

  • Pickup Compensator in 20 matches in Classic Mode.
  • Kill 20 enemies with M16A4 IN Classic Mode.

Elite Mission
  • RP friend Bounce;- Kill 4 enemy while driving a vehicle in Classic Mode.
  • Choice Mission:-
      1. Kill 5 enemies in a single match in classic mode.
      2. kill more than 12 players in a single match arena match.
      3. Complete 2 brothers in arms match.

  • Open 8 airdrops in a classic match
  • Kill 20 enemies with SCAR-L Gun in a Classic match.

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