How To Root Realme 7 and 7 pro with Magisk Manager ( Step by Step)



In This article how to root the Realme 7 And 7 Pro smartphone. We will give you an easy step and instruction guide on how to successfully root. So, follow my tutorial guide Stay until the end.
What is Root
Rooting a device, it’s simple you are now able to take full control of your Android device. After rooting your smartphone has the ability to customize beyond limits. So, there are give you a few extra benefits of rooting the Realme Device.


Advantage and Disadvantage of the Root device 
They are some advantage and benefits of rooting devices



 Advantage and benefit of the root device 

  1. User takes all control in our device
  2. Users customize the interface and control the frequency of the CPU as well as GPU.
  3. Install custom ROM on our phone.
  4. Download different mod free after root.
  5. User customizes Realme u1 Beyond limit.
Some disadvantages after Root 
They are some disadvantage of the root device
  1. Warranty is void after rooting.
  2. Your Device is completely dead and not usable anymore. (If anything goes wrong)
  3. Performance issues may arrive due to optimization for the particular model.
How To Root Realme 7 And 7 Pro
You need to 1st unlock the bootloader on REALME devices
What is bootloader Unlock?

After announcing the OTA now unlock the bootloader for the Realme device is allow last week, we now have prepped the tool the madders amongst for you get it unlocked – and lock it again.

Keep in mind this is an in-depth test in the tutorial.



  1. After unlocking your phone YOUR DATA WILL BE ERASED! Back up before you proceed.
  2. 2. In-depth test may have unforeseeable impacts on your Device.
  3. 3. Some functions may not operate properly because of third-party firmware like a camera (You need a clear data camera app if you are facing this type of issue in-app)
  4. 4. Personal and confidential information on the phone may leak, and security is risky.
  5. 5. In-depth tests may modify some of the system functions, and prevent you from updating the system version to enjoy the latest ColorOS.
  1. Battery Up to 60%.
  2. USB Data cable.
  3. PC With internet.
  4. Make sure you have backed up your data, After unlocking Process your phone will erase all Data.
  5. Make sure your system version is the official and latest.
  6. Download and install unlock tool apk on your phone. For Download Click here.
  7. Download Recovery of RealMe  7 and 7 Pro from Here in pc.
  8. Download Magisk.Zip and no-verity-opt-encrypt – Copy it to Your SD Card Memory.
Follow the steps below to unlock the bootloader.
1. Open unlock tool.
2. Click “Start applying In 1st window.
3. Please read the disclaimer Carefully in detail, select the checkbox, and submit your application For approval.
4. The application will be checked by our servers And device Details For unlocking the bootloader.
5. Within approximately 10 To 15 Min the unlock tool app will show the request status – if it shows the unlocking is successful, please Follow the following step.

6. Now You click the “Start the in-depth test” and the device will reboot automatically. Now device showing on the screen: fast boot_unlock_verify ok

Now Go To pc And connect the Device to pc And download the Platform tool In your Pc download link Here. Data For Window, Mac, Linux 
You Got Platform Tool File. Extract File And Open Platform Tool. Now use Command Bottom In platform tool Cmd 
  • Enter the command: ADB reboot bootloader
  • Press “Enter” on your keyboard
  • Enter the command: fastboot flashing unlock
  • Press “Enter” on your keyboard
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Now Go To Phone
On your phone press the Volume Up key to select “Unlock Bootloader”  And Ok with Power Button.(or press the Volume Down key if you have changed your mind to select “Do not unlock bootloader

When you click the Volume Up, you will enter the new interface showed below.


Then enter command “fastboot reboot”. Then phone will reboot.All user data on the phone will be erased – we recommend you perform a data backup prior to applying

Bootloader is successful unlock.
Step 6
Now Root Process.
Hold volume+ button and power button for fastboot Mode
  • Come to pc Open ad open platform tool and extract. make sure you device is on and connect with pc
  • Open Platform Tool. Now use Command Bottom In platform tool Cmd
  • Use 1st command is ‘fastboot devices’ and enter 
  • They are showing attach device
  • 2nd command use ‘fastboot flash recovery ‘ select recovery file and drop and enter use drag and drop for recovery file
  • Now use ‘fastboot oem reboot-recovery’ and enter
  • Now go to Device unlock device 
  • After unlock go to Install/Flash > Select the Magisk Zip File > Swipe to Install.
  • Now Flash No- verity-opt-encrypt With same Process.
  • After flash reboot your device and on now your deice is Successfully root.
So This is step by step guide. Hope this article helped you in successfully rooting your Realme 5 Pro. And also if you have any quires, do let me know in the comment section below.



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