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This App is For those Who Have less storage And Ram in his device. This app redirect You to you Browser Where you can Use Instagram at Less Storage.

What is Instagram Lite Mod

It is as the name implies. It is a simpler, slimmed, less involved version of Instagram. Like most “lite” versions of other apps, Instagram lite is designed to be less resource App. Instagram Lite was launched for people who just want a few basic functions and avoid features they don’t use. As some times it can get a little overwhelming. The purpose of this was to provide a more simplified, smoother experience for people who desired it.


This App is For those Who Have less storage And Ram in his device. This app redirect You to you Browser Where you can Use Instagram at Less Storage. Its APK size is smaller allowing you to save space on your phone and download it quickly. It also uses less internet which is helpful if you have a limited data pack. It is especially helpful if you’re planning to use it on an older phone which has less ram and storage.
Features Of Instagram Lite Mod 
  • You can post photos using Instagram Lite, edit them, apply filters while uploading easly the photo.
  • You can share multiple photos to your story, provide context to them using text. They disappear after 24 hours and won’t appear on your feed.
  • You can watch stories of people you’ve followed at the top of your feed.
  • Discover new photos, videos, a new account that you might be interested in using the search/exploration tab.
  • In this Instagram , you can easily send photos or messages to your friends.
At the launch, Instagram Lite’s size was merely around 500kb whereas the full-fledged version was around 100 MB To 120 MB With the series of updates Instagram Lite received over the years its current size is upwards of 4 MB To 6MB  which is still impressive considering to all the new features will been added. You are using Android version 5.0 or higher, Instagram Lite can run on it. Some ways in which Instagram Lite differs from full-featured Instagram are:
  • You can upload photos as stories and posts but you cannot upload videos using the lite version. 
  • Uploading photos takes up the same amount of data as the regular app but viewing photos and videos consumes less data than the regular app.
  • There is limitation on stickers used in stories. Fancy stickers like countdown, music, question and answers are not available.
  • Editing features are present but they are limited.
  • Sharing a post via direct message is not possible.
  • Instagram Lite does not support “IGTV” and “Live” feature is not available.
You are look step by  step install Instagram lite Mod Guideline :-
STEP 1:- First download Instagram Lite mod by link given below. Make Sure you are Download mod by our site.

STEP 2 :- 

Allow third-party apps installation in your device: go to Menu » Settings » Security » and on Unknown Sources.





STEP 3:- Click the downloaded file, and then click Install.
STEP 4:- After installing Instagram App enjoy.
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