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The era is growing, but along with that development, increasing  the pressure on people.. That reason, the demand for entertainment is also grow. Many new forms of entertainment services have been born in few time. Many people select  gaming and appreciated by the great experience that it  can bring. But players needed specialized equipment for his devices for smooth and control experience . But the price is not that, but because they are the only things that provide the game, there are still many players who choose to pay. But with the current technology development, it is entirely unnecessary when smartphones are trendy and used by many people.

What is Benefit for GAMER

Boost your device’s performance with just one touch. Optimize the CPU, RAM and many other things automatically for Gaming and max performance!

Increase FPS in action games

Games on this platform are being launch more and more features to satisfy the needs of a large number of players. But playing games on mobile platforms cannot be as smooth due to large game size. There Facing  lag and drop FPS . So a lot of players not feel comfortable. This are always looking for ways to solve it. And the Game Booster application is the answer. This application is the best solution for players to enjoy the best gaming moments. They are increase FPS in game and give player smooth game play.

Save money

Your device can not play games smooth, what will you do? Surely players will immediately think that the device’s hardware is not good to meet the game. Players will buy a new device more Powerful hardware to meet the needs of the player. But this will need a lot of expensive to be able to do that. But with this application, no need to buy another device, download the app. The app will speed up  up to five to six times so that players can enjoy the good experience. With this application, users will save a lot of money to do many other things.



Automatic operation

This application no need activation it can function, but it will automatically do it. When users start any game that is added to the list and the application will automatically begin to boost for that game. During the game, the app will  provide best experience for the player and users turn off the game, the application will automatically stop. This application is not drain battery.
  • Pro Unlock
  • Lag fix
  • Working all device
  • working All games 
You are now ready to download Game Booster . Here are some notes:

Download Game Booster APK (MOD, Pro Unlocked)



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